2 mood booster that makes you no longer in the office


2 mood booster that makes you no longer in the office

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Having a feeling of being too tired and bored is normal for an employee. How not, they have to work in front of documents and computers with the same activities every day. The most frequent feeling comes late towards the weekend where a mood booster is needed. In fact, many also feel late on holiday because they are lazy to start activities in the new week.

Even though they feel bored and tired, an office employee must still come to the office to fulfill their obligations as an employee. They must force themselves to start routine activities with a bad mood because it requires a mood booster. The company will sometimes ignore the problem and continue to demand employees to carry out their duties properly.

Therefore, you who start working too late and need a mood booster must handle it yourself. But don’t worry, there are several mood boosters that you can do in the office so you can restore your work mood to normal. Curious what are the mood booster? The following are the reviews:

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Consuming drinks that contain caffeine

Comfortable air produced by air conditioning and a break for lunch are two things that can break the concentration of work. How can? AC and a full stomach can sometimes make you sleepy and lazy to continue working so that the concentration of work decreases. If this happens then consuming caffeinated beverages like coffee is the right choice.

A researcher named A. Nehlig conducted a study which showed that consumption of caffeine as much as 75 milligrams or the equivalent of one cup of coffee can improve moods that were previously negative. Some examples of negative moods include anger, laziness, and fear. In addition, we also know that caffeine can eliminate drowsiness quickly.

Room Decoration or Desk

The next mood booster that can restore your working mood when you feel too late is to decorate your room or desk. A study conducted by Maastricht University resulted in the conclusion that workspaces that were given decorations and knick knacks could increase employee productivity. Many also mentioned that a decorative or attractive work space or desk can be the best mood booster.

From another source, the book The Exhaustion Cure by Laura Stack, also mentioned that employees who add decoration to their room or desk have a happiness level of 40% higher than those who don’t decorate it. But you also need to choose decorative items that don’t interfere and are also brightly colored so that they can improve mood.


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