Already Hard Work but Pay Less? Just do this


Already Hard Work but Pay Less? Just do this

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Already working hard but the salary provided does not match your efforts? Disappointing indeed. It is quite possible this will affect your morale.

I feel like blaming the company. Actually there are several reasons that cause companies to pay below employee performance. Like a new company that started it so that it has not been able to provide a decent salary.

Another reason could be because the company keeps a budget for the company’s progress later. Whatever the reason, you still have the right to ask for salary according to your performance.

1. Negotiate Again Expected Salary

It is not uncommon if companies often ask for more results but provide salaries that are not in accordance with the reasons for a limited budget. But that does not mean you as an employee must not dispose of wishes.

You can still convey that hope to the company. Ask for renegotiation of salary by providing evidence of the results of your performance so far. If indeed your performance is good, it is quite possible your salary will be adjusted.

2. Negotiate the ‘Benefits’ You Can Get

If the company cannot provide additional salary, negotiate about the benefits or other benefits that can be obtained from the company. Some of the benefits you can ask for are opportunities to get mentorship, attend seminars, or cross-profession training.

Besides supporting facilities such as free coworking space, laptops, or office stationery and other benefits. Although not in the form of money, you can use it without having to reach your own money from salary.

3. Request to work flexibly without having to ‘work’

Nowadays, working without a remote alias becomes one of the current work trends along with the development of technology. This remote work system allows you to be absent from the office every day. This is preferred because you are free to work anywhere, even just from home.

Negotiate by giving the reason that the remote system is more profitable for you as well as the company. For example, with remote work you can be more productive, save company budgets, or make you healthier so that the work is more optimal.

4. Ask to Be able to Study Again

Asking the company to allow you to go back to college is one way to cover an inappropriate salary. Not only that, you can even hone even better skills that might be considered by companies to raise your salary.

The steps to ask for permission to study again starts from asking to the HR (Human Resources). Next make a letter of submission to superiors.

Submit the letter at the right time, for example, just a month before the financial budget plan is made. It is intended that your course is funded by the company and entered into the financial budget plan.

If the company refuses to submit your course, then renegotiate the benefits of self-development such as seminars, workshops, courses, and the like. If the company still doesn’t provide it, then you can use these skills to find new, more decent jobs.


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