Alternative Medicine for Headaches


Alternative Medicine for Headaches

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A great headache is not impossible to be a traumatic source for sufferers, especially migraines. Although there are already many common medicines to choose from, however, not a few of them have dangerous side effects for their users. Not to mention the drugs that provide dependency effects and can not be stopped its use suddenly.

Now, as an alternative, kencur can be a drug to relieve headaches that attack that are safe for consumption. That way, the body will not be more susceptible to disease due to side effects from chemical drugs to relieve headaches.

Inhibit the appearance of acne
Not always for health, kencur can also inhibit the appearance of pimples which is often the reason someone is not confident. By consuming kencur, the hormone that triggers the growth of acne on the face will be prevented from producing. That way, acne that has just appeared can be cured immediately and not to make a stain on the face.

In women who are menstruating, acne will become more vulnerable to attack. To overcome this problem, eating kencur can be one solution that can be done.

As a Diet Supporting Food
Do you want to lose weight and make your body slimmer but difficult to maintain your diet? The way out can be to make kencur as a regular consumption during the diet.

Not by making decreased appetite, how to work kencur in slimming the body is in the presence of substances that it has. So, by eating kencur, the body will be able to naturally experience weight loss and make the body more ideal.

Efficacy that can be obtained from Kencur Rice Herbal Medicine

Besides being consumed directly or in the form of extracts, this rhizome plant has also long been used as a staple for making herbs. Especially in the area of ​​Java, kencur is one of the herbal products that is consumed for normal because its properties are very useful for the body.

One type that is quite popular among fans is rice kencur. From the ingredients, kencur rice is made from a combination of kencur, brown sugar, rice, and tamarind. Its usefulness also varies, depending on the health problems suffered by its users.

Reduces Pain and Swelling
One of the benefits of kencur rice is to reduce pain and swelling or edema due to sprains.

Increase appetite
In addition, regular consumption can also make your appetite increase and eliminate aches and fatigue in the body. As a result, the body will become more stamina to be able to move all day.

Increase Bile Production
Not only that, not a few people also believe that herbal medicine made from kencur can increase the production of bile in the body. The bile that is responsible for helping the process of absorption of nutrients and eliminate toxins when it flows to all parts of the body. When all the body’s intake is completely absorbed, the bad cholesterol level will also certainly decrease.

Rarely Side Effects, There Is No Harm If Using Herbal Medicines to Cure Disease
Nowadays, the popularity of herbal medicines to be chosen as a cure for diseases is indeed on the rise. Besides being long used in traditional medicine, herbal medicine is also not difficult to find, for example is kencur which is usually used as a cooking ingredient.

However, despite having many benefits, the efficacy of traditional medicine still requires further research to prove its truth. Therefore, it is wise to use traditional medicine and use it as needed. If necessary, consult a doctor so that its use does not cause unwanted health problems.


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