Appreciate the Difference


Appreciate the Difference

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The difference here is in the way of viewing, the way of thinking, skill or ability, work patterns, ideas, points of view, and creativity. Why are the differences needed for these elements? So the team can complement each other so that it becomes one step more perfect.

For example member A has the ability to make reports where the results are more detailed and good, while member B is able to make presentations well. Then member C can communicate well too, so they can follow up on the client.

From this example, it can be seen that differences make the team become more compact and solid in working together. In addition, differences in ideas and ideas can also make one great and great idea so that the project runs successfully.

A Good Way to Communicate

One of the things that is key to team success is communication. A team that contains many members must have different ideas. To unite the ideas and ideas of each member, it is necessary to have good communication.

Not only ideas, between members must also be open to each other by expressing their opinions, criticisms, or ideas. Communication also needs to be done when monitoring the work being done so that it can run according to the task list. If the team is unable to communicate properly there will be endless conflicts.

There is Support for Every Member

A good team will be created easily if all members are able to support other members well. Team members must help each other if other members are having difficulties.

Don’t let it drop because you feel there is competition. The existence of helping and supporting each other in a team can even make the team work more productively so that the results are more satisfying.

Support from team members is sometimes also able to improve one’s mood so that they can complete their tasks well. Not only help, asking for the progress of the work also includes support.

A Fun Working Atmosphere Is Created

In working on a project, seriousness is indeed needed in order to be completed according to plan. But being too serious can also stress team members and even affect their work. So spreading a pleasant atmosphere once in a while on team members is not wrong.

There are many ways you can do to create a pleasant atmosphere. It could even be a simple way such as watching a movie or eating together. It can also help strengthen relationships between teams and reduce conflict between members.

Leaders Demonstrate Good Leadership

Every team needs a leader. But a successful team must have a good leader. The leader’s job is to unite all members and arrange the team so that the work process can run orderly.

In addition, the leader is also required to give enthusiasm and motivation to each member in order to complete their work. A good leader must trust and respect all members of his team. If the leadership attitude (leadership) is lacking, get ready for a chaotic work team.

Then, Has Your Work Team Qualified?

Now what? Does your work team meet the requirements that must be in a team? If your team already has seven quality work teams above, then you should be proud and continue to maintain the quality work team. But if it turns out that it is still far from the criteria of a quality work team, then begin to fix yourself and show your leadership now.


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