Don’t Like Discarding Foods, These Items Are Expensive and Rare because of Corona


Don’t Like Discarding Foods, These Items Are Expensive and Rare because of Corona

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The spread of the new coronavirus or Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) does leave its own problems in all walks of life. Not only Indonesia but also the world.

Many countries apply quarantine or lockdown in a number of big cities to avoid spreading the virus. Many sectors must be run even if conditions are not the same as usual.

Inevitably, the wheels of the economy became stalled and needed extra efforts to keep going. Lame economy. But life must go on.

Latest Update on Corona Virus Case

Since it was announced that Indonesia began to be exposed to the corona virus in early March, the number of positive corona cases has skyrocketed. Based on data, as of 2 April 2020 positive cases of Covid-19 in the world reached 983,554 people with 50,300 people dead and 206,290 people recovered.

In Indonesia, in a month the number infected with the corona virus reached 1,790 people. Of these, 112 were declared cured but 170 died from the virus from Wuhan, China.

Excessive shopping

The easy transmission of the corona virus triggers many people to become paranoid alias parno. Naturally, anyone would be worried if he was infected with a virus that does not yet have this vaccine.

Finally, not a few people have panic attacks resulting in excessive shopping (panic buying). As a result, various basic necessities namely food and other main items such as masks, hand sanitizers were sold out in an instant.

Understandably, it takes time to move the existing stock in the warehouse to be displayed in stores or supermarkets. It takes several days to harvest agricultural products and factories to be distributed to distributors to traders.

So when people buy up shopping at the same time, it’s only natural that the goods become limited. In the law of economics there are terms of supply and demand. When the availability of goods is limited while demand is high, prices rise.

Well, the problem is if the limitations of the goods are not limited to needing time to move the stock from the warehouse to the store / supermarket. But from the reduced production level, given the impact of the spread of the virus has stifled various sectors.

Not surprisingly, some food needs become more expensive. The government has also appealed to people to shop in moderation.

The shop / supermarket also limits the maximum number of staple goods that can be purchased. But it still needs awareness from each individual to be more prudent in dealing with this global emergency situation.

List of items that are getting rare and the price is rising

One of the antidote to the virus is to maintain endurance. No wonder the food sources of vitamins to increase body immunity are also sought after.

Not escape other staples to meet their daily meals so many people rushed. But the government itself claims that food supply / availability is currently under control.


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