Health Benefits You Can Get from Consuming Carrots


Health Benefits You Can Get from Consuming Carrots

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After knowing the content that is owned, it is not surprising that these vegetables actually have many benefits in addition to nourish the eyes. In fact, almost all organs of a person’s body can receive benefits when routinely consuming these orange-colored vegetables.

Increases body metabolism
The first benefit of carrots is to increase the body’s metabolism. With its B vitamin content, carrots can increase the body’s energy levels which also increase metabolism. Because the B vitamins can break down glucose fat, and protein so that energy can be spread efficiently in the body.

Make Wounds Quick Heal
The second benefit is that it helps the wound heal faster. The reason, carrots have beta carotene which can be converted into one of the purest types of vitamin A called retinol. The function of retinol is what makes inflammation and redness on the skin can be relieved.

Maintaining Heart Health
Heart health can also be maintained when regularly eating these vegetables. The combination of beta carotene, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, to carbohydrate from carrots nutritious to provide protection from heart disease, cancer attacks, to inhibit the effects of aging and maintain blood pressure.

Avoid free radicals
In addition, carrots can also help the body avoid free radical attack because it has a fairly high antioxidant content. A study by Harvard University also states that if a person consumes at least 6 carrots every week, cholesterol levels in the body will be controlled. The reason is none other than the fiber content, as well as the low amount of calories and fat.

Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer
In research from the same university, carrots are known to reduce the body’s risk of developing breast cancer. The trick is to eat foods with high antioxidants such as carrots every day. This benefit is also related to the function of carrots to protect the body from free radical attack.

Increase Endurance
Carrots combined with coriander are believed to be able to make the body have a higher endurance. This you can practice by adding coriander when making carrot-based juice.

Optimizing the Brain
Included as a vegetable of the root tuber types, carrots also help keep the brain healthy and can work optimally. The benefits of carrots for brain health include improving one’s memory and cognitive abilities or thinking.

Anti-inflammatory medicine
For people with inflammation, carrots can also be used as an alternative intake of ibuprofen, aspirin, and other anti-inflammatory drugs. Because carrots contain vitamins and minerals that are equivalent to these anti-inflammatory drugs. Of course, carrots do not cause side effects like those given by these drugs.

Make Teeth and Mouth Clean
Frequent consumption can also help the mouth to produce more saliva or saliva. Increased production of saliva will have an effect to help teeth and mouth to stay clean and not easily affected by bacteria that cause cavities. So, the health benefits of carrots are not necessarily for the health of the eye.


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