Hi Leader! Are Your Work Teams Qualified? Try Check Here


Hi Leader! Are Your Work Teams Qualified? Try Check Here

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The work team formed in a company is the main foundation for success. No wonder if a solid and quality work team is a determinant of a company that will go forward or actually experience setbacks.

Therefore, in each work team, it must also be filled with qualified people. So the work team is able to jointly realize the desired success of the company.

Armed with the skills each employee has, a good work team must also be supported by the same vision to move forward together. So in addition to hard skills each employee must also have soft skills so that the work team is running well.

Then, has your work team has the quality that can be accounted for? Does your work team have the same understanding to build and advance a company where your employees and team work and earn a living?

1. Have High Integrity

A quality work team is every member has high integrity. All members in the team must know what tasks and responsibilities they carry.

Thus there is no name for a team member who is silent or even works as he pleases because he feels that he has no responsibility. Or doing his job carelessly. Origin and finished without looking at quality.

Not only knowing what responsibilities they have, each member must also have high integrity in all work that is assigned to them. If there are difficulties while fulfilling these responsibilities, it can be discussed together and find a way out.

Do not let team members who cannot complete their work run away from their responsibilities and delegate them to other team members. If something happens like that then the project and teamwork that has been built will be hampered, the results are not optimal.

2. Focus with common goals as well as results

Compared to calculating quantity, the team must be able to focus on the quality of what is done so that the objectives or results are in line with expectations. Setting goals before working on a project really needs to be done. So all team members can know what responsibilities they must complete.

When setting a goal at the beginning of the project, team members understand what contributions can be made. That way, the results of the project can be maximized and satisfy all team members and the company.


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