Instead of being thrown away, eat just enough


Instead of being thrown away, eat just enough

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Director General (Dirjen) of Domestic Trade, Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Trade), Suhanto, as reported by the official website of the Indonesian Cabinet Secretary revealed that until the fourth week of March this year the prices and availability of various basic needs are relatively stable.

Based on the Ministry of Trade’s observation on March 24, 2020, the following national average prices for food needs are relatively stable:

Cooking oil
Wheat flour
Broiler chicken eggs
While the need for food ingredients is down is “

Broiler chicken meat
Curly red chili
Big red chili
Then, what items or food needs have become scarce or are the prices more expensive since this new type of corona virus is infectious in Indonesia?

Still based on the monitoring of the Ministry of Trade, there were recorded two national average food ingredients that experienced an increase in the end of this March period, namely:

Red cayenne pepper (up 8.45% compared to the previous month, to IDR 48,500 / kg)
Granulated sugar (up 23.4% compared to the previous month, to Rp17,781 / kg)
Meanwhile, as reported by DetikFinance, there are several other staple prices in regions that have gone up because of scarcity, such as eggs and bulk cooking oil, each up by Rp5,000. In the traditional market town of Palopo, South Sulawesi, the price of eggs rose to Rp75,000 per rack. Bulk cooking oil rose to Rp62,000 per jerry can.

Therefore, in times like today it seems unwise to continue to maintain the habit of disposing of food that is not finished on the plate. Remember those who may not be as fortunate as you can enjoy delicious and abundant food now. Also remember tomorrow you still need food.

You just need to imagine for a moment when they are in a state of food shortages. Therefore, take enough in your meal portions, spend it and enjoy it with gratitude.

Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic siege will soon pass and all can continue as usual and all basic daily needs can be fulfilled. Cook and eat to taste.


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