Listen to Favorite Music


Listen to Favorite Music

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Music seems to be the mood booster most widely used by office employees who are too busy with monotonous activities. Even according to Science Daily research, listening to music while at work is not only able to improve work mood but also can improve work focus.

Choice of music that can increase the focus of work is classical music. Because the music with a tempo of 60 bpm can make the brain easier to manage the information obtained. In addition, Science Daily also concluded that music can be the best tool for those of you who want to relax and be creative. When listening to music, the heart will be pumped so that it is good to be used as a mood booster.

Consuming gum or snack

Many experts claim that chewing gum has the benefit of relaxing the brain which is starting to lose its concentration. Therefore, chewing gum is recommended for you to consume when you feel you are getting bored and need a mood booster. The two most recommended gum flavors are the Orange flavor and the Mint flavor. The two flavors were apparently able to stimulate nerves in the brain so that it could restore mood.

In addition, chewing movements that must be done when consuming gum can also eliminate drowsiness. Besides chewing gum, consumption of snacks or snacks can also be the best mood booster. But these snacks are not just any snacks but snacks with high antioxidant content. The reason, snacks with high antioxidants can restore focus and stamina.

Nurturing Plants

For those of you who like plants, maintaining plants in the room or desk can be a mood booster. This is because plants that emit oxygen during the day can improve the quality of the surrounding air. Of course this will make your mind more fresh and able to work optimally.

Besides that, increased oxygen levels from plants also can reduce one’s anxiety. Even certain plants can remove toxins and heavy metals such as formaldehyde so you can be healthier too.

Give back your work mood to get more work done
Maintaining the mood during work can make your work better and maximum so there are no problems while in the office. If you start feeling tired and tired of your work, immediately look for a mood booster that can eliminate it. With the mood boost, the working mood can be good again.


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