MassMutual Offers Free Life Insurance to Healthcare Workers


While it often feels like the coronavirus pandemic has been going on forever and a day, the reality is that it’s only been about four months since the country first went into quarantine. In other words, things have been developing quickly. Luckily, our brave first responders have been leading the fight, working tirelessly day and night, often at great personal risk, to ensure that our loved ones are cared for during this unprecedented time.

They have done all this with little warning, relying on their training to respond to a fast-moving development like this highly contagious global virus. And in turn, we at Haven Life are proud to be part of an urgent response to those healthcare responders’ quick work. Specifically, our parent company MassMutual launched a new program giving qualifying frontline healthcare workers in all 50 states free 3-year term life insurance policies valued up to $25,000 — and it was initially launched in a mere three weeks.

The program is called HealthBridge, and it’s offered by MassMutual as an extension of its LifeBridge program. “We have all witnessed the rapidly changing COVID-19 landscape, with some states — once thought to be less impacted or trending downward — surging with new cases. With that surge, we see the need to continue expanding our efforts with HealthBridge,” said Roger Crandall, MassMutual Chairman, President and CEO. “We are now able to offer free term-life policies to healthcare workers selflessly serving patients battling COVID-19 across the entire country. The need to expand our coverage area and protect these brave and resilient individuals is not only necessary, it’s paramount.” These free policies total $3 billion of free life insurance for eligible healthcare professionals and volunteers fighting on the front lines of the pandemic. (And yes, that’s billion with a “b.”)

“HealthBridge is available to the doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other healthcare professionals who have been leading the battle against COVID-19. It’s available nationwide. As part of the larger MassMutual community, it’s how we get to say thank you, and take care of those who have served so selflessly.

If you are a healthcare worker, or know someone who is, and want to learn more about this program (including whether you are eligible), you can apply online, a process that should only take a few minutes. (No medical exam is required; these are guaranteed issue policies for those who qualify). Applicants must meet requirements like being between the ages of 18 and 60, having U.S. citizenship and residency or a permanent residency status, be recently actively employed or volunteering at least 10 hours per month at a facility testing, treating or evaluating patients for COVID-19, and working in a role with exposure risk to this fast-moving disease.

Questions? You can contact or call 812-496-2956.

We are proud to be part of a larger community that is finding a way to give back during this challenging time.


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