Requesting a Change of Occupation


Requesting a Change of Occupation

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Maybe asking to move jobs is rarely done, but this can be an alternative option if other options are not approved. New jobs outside of your current job can expand your skills as an employee.

Employees who have extensive expertise usually add value in the eyes of the company. The value you have allows the company to stop giving low salaries. That way, you will no longer experience salary problems that are not in accordance with the effort that has been done.

Resign from the Last Option

In addition to the four ways according to The Every Girl above, there is one more way that is the last way for those of you who experience problems with inappropriate salary. How, resign or resign.

It is useless to stay in a company that does not provide an appropriate salary because it will torture both physically and mentally. Indirectly, your disappointment with the salary provided can also reduce work performance which will also harm the company.

Compared to just hiding it, it would be far better if you look for another job that has an appropriate salary. Especially if your expertise has increased because you have done the methods above, then the possibility of getting a better job is higher.

Fulfill Your Obligations Before Applying Rights
Before demanding the company to fulfill your desires, build your abilities until you have adequate values ​​and skills. Do not just ask for a high salary while your skills are still far from the average that should be. Or it turns out that your performance has been below the company’s targeted performance. Fulfill obligations before claiming rights.


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