These are the Benefits of Kencur for Health that You Must Know


These are the Benefits of Kencur for Health that You Must Know

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Concur is usually used as a seasoning for cooking by most people in Indonesia. This herbaceous plant that thrives in tropical and subtropical regions like Indonesia has indeed been widely recognized by almost all people. Because, many believe that one of the rhizome plants can provide a million health benefits.

On the island of Java itself, especially in the regions of Central Java and East Java, kencur is the basic ingredient in making traditional drinks, such as herbal medicine and others. As is well known, herbal medicine is a traditional herb that even staying digadang has miraculous benefits in healthy body.

The statement was apparently not a mere figment. The reason is, from consuming one of the empon empon plants, the body can get a variety of amazing benefits of kencur. Not surprisingly, kencur is often processed and used as a staple for the manufacture of traditional medicine in Indonesia.

Not only the rhizome, but the leaves are also useful for maintaining a healthy body, you know! So, what are the properties of kencur? Here is a review.

Nutrition Contained

Before talking about the efficacy of kencur, it is better if you understand what the content of the rhizome is. Of course, all the benefits of kencur come from the nutrients contained in it.

Some important ingredients are zinc, protein, fiber, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and also iron. It is well known that all of these nutrients play an important role in keeping the body healthy and able to move normally. Not only that, kencur also contains nutrients such as starch, paraeumarin, ethyl ester, cinnamic acid, cobalt, manganese, and nickel.

The content is the reason why kencur is widely used as traditional medicine and is able to cure various diseases. So, it is not surprising since the days of kencur ancestors become ingredients in traditional medicine, especially in Southeast Asian countries.

9 Benefits of Kencur that is Good for Health
The properties of kencur are not only found in the rhizome. However, many people believe that almost all parts of the plant have a variety of benefits that are useful for the body. However, the most often processed as a mixture of traditional medicine from kencur is the leaves and rhizomes.

The use of kencur as herbal medicine is usually done by consuming it directly. However, with the increasingly modern technology, kencur extract has often been taken into a form of powder or oil. As a result, the properties of the rhizome plant are easier to obtain.

Reduces Bloating In The Stomach
This benefit can be obtained by eating a little raw kencur which has been given salt along with warm water. Another way can also be done by boiling about 3 centimeters kencur segment to eliminate bloating in the stomach. So that the properties can be felt by the body, try to consume it in one of these ways twice a day.

Relieves recurring heartburn
Not only flatulence, eating kencur can also relieve stomach ulcers that suddenly recur. The reason, kencur can reduce levels of acid in the stomach causing stomach ulcers. So, when stomach acid is normal, heartburn can be relieved by the pain.

Warm Sensation that Can Overcome Colds
When consumed, kencur will give a warm sensation to the body. This is the background to the efficacy of kencur in overcoming colds and nausea. Therefore, for those of you who feel colds easily, provide kencur at home every day as a natural remedy.

Neutralize Cough and Body ache
Besides being able to warm the body, there are various ingredients in kencur that are able to be a neutralizing cough. Not only that, the residual root plant has also long been believed to be a medicine to relieve aches due to coughing. As a result, daily activities will not be disrupted and can still be completed on time.

Helps the Body Feel Fresh Again
After doing a lot of activities all day or just suffering from an illness, the body will usually feel weak and lethargic. Well, to restore the freshness of the body, the efficacy of kencur kencur is not inferior to ginger when consumed. So, as an alternative when there is no ginger drink, you can consume kencur so that the body feels refreshed.

Restore Energy in the Body
In addition to making the body fit again, kencur is also efficacious to regenerate energy that has been lost due to activity. Simply boil the kencur to taste with a glass of water and drink it before resting. Overnight, the body will get back its energy drained and ready for activities again.


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