Various Benefits of Carrots for Health and Beauty


Various Benefits of Carrots for Health and Beauty

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It has long been known that carrots are one of the various types of vegetables that are a source of vitamin A. Because they contain these nutrients, carrots are known as vegetables that are often consumed so that eye health is maintained. In fact, if examined more deeply, the usefulness is far more useful than that.

Not only maintaining eye health, orange-colored vegetables are also able to maintain overall health. The reason, carrots have a variety of important nutrients needed by the body. In fact, one of the other properties is to maintain the beauty of the skin too, you know!

Because it can be processed in various ways, carrots are often used as food in various dishes. In cooking carrots, most people will steam or boil them together with other vegetables into culinary soup and so on. Some people also consume it as a juice mixture or even eat it raw.

Knowing this, identifying carrots as vegetables for healthy eyes should begin to be eliminated. For that, recognize the various ingredients and benefits of carrots for health and beauty below.

Nutritional Content of Carrots

Health and beauty properties provided by carrots certainly come from the nutritional content in it. Some important nutrients that are owned are:

Vitamin A
First is vitamin A which is identical to the content of carrots. The general function of vitamin A is to keep the eyes healthy, encourage growth, and also improve immune function.

In addition to vitamin A, carrots also have biotin which is a type of vitamin B. This biotin has a function to increase the metabolism of protein and fat in the body.

Vitamin K1
There is also vitamin K1 which plays a role in blood clotting when sores appear on the skin.

Vitamin B6 and Potassium
Not only that, the content of vitamin B6 and potassium which has benefits for controlling blood pressure and making energy from food consumed. The combination of vitamins and minerals can certainly make the body healthier.

Furthermore, carrots also have carbohydrates that are important for the body. Unlike other types of food that contain carbohydrates, these orange colored vegetables have glycemic levels that are not too high. That way, carrots will not be able to directly make sugar levels in the body to be high and safe for consumption by diabetics.

As with other types of vegetables, fiber content in carrots is also quite a lot and is needed by the body. There are cellulose fibers, pectin, lignin, and hemicellulose in these types of root vegetables. The function of the fiber is to slow down the process of digestion of sugar and become a food source for good bacteria in the intestine.

In addition to the nutrients above, this vegetable also has several other compounds that are not less important, such as lutein and carotenoids, beta carotene, lycopene. Carrots also have anthocyanins which are antioxidants in the body and alpha carotene as a processing of vitamin A. There are also polyacetylenes that are able to become bioactive compounds as body protectors from the appearance of cancer cells.


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